1. I'm impassioned and shaped by Christ.
2. I'm not fanatical.
3. I'm driven by a sense of self.
4. I'm not egotistical.
5. I'm enraptured by true joy.
6. I'm a spectrum of emotions.
7. I'm a thirty-something fandom geek.
8. My life is more than television.
9. I'm known on the interwebs as lasha4god.
10. My real name is Delise.

30 something long-time blogger, christian, married, television junkie, music lover, poet laureate, type enthusiast. Unapologetic Vampire Weekend fan. More information ...

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"Tricky skies your eyes are true; the future is beauty and sorrow"

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Ezra Koenig and Chris Baio// Diplomat’s Son @ Amex UNSTAGED 2013

By Alex John Beck.

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Coachella 2010 (x)

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Lollapalooza Argentina

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I want to know, does it bother you?
The low click of a ticking clock
There’s a lifetime right in front of you
And everyone I know
—I literally scrolled passed this as the chorus was in my ears.

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Drew is not a mistake
—Clare (Degrassi)

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Modern Musings on Degrassi’s Drew and Clare from an Adult-Woman and Long-Time Degrassi Fan

As if I need another pairing to consume my life; here comes Degrassi’s Drew and Clare, a pairing that since coming together to be president and vice-president of Degrassi I longed for and wholeheartedly believed could be something more. Imagine my delight when what once was a mere dream was becoming actualized.

The two have been a marvel to watch – a slow burn with great characterization, quality writing and equally good chemistry.

It’s a bit of a shock to the senses seeing characters otherwise unlikable shinning as their best selves just by interacting with each other. Yet they are still human – flawed. Both of them go into having sex based on unspoken ideals of their relationship and for now it backfires. Clare is naturally navigating her emotions in the wake of breaking up with a long term relationship, which shattered against her false fairy-tale. And Drew rightly deserves to have her whole heart, not being a rebound.

Still, they are in my humble opinion, the most natural, realistic and compatible pairing in Degrassi’s rich modern history.

Clare is looser, more spirited, laughs, no longer hiding behind an adult exterior. Drew is still essentially Drew, but nurturing, mature – knows and respects boundaries. He even shows empathy towards Clare’s now ex, Eli. And he forgoes flings, holding off from continuing on in lust with Clare so she can be ready to be as fully invested in their relationship as he wants to be.

She might initially mistake this as rejection, and feel used. But hopefully in time she’ll come to see just how important of a move that was for Drew to make. These two have the ability to be lasting, and stand the test of time – sitting along-side other married Degrassi pairings like Snake and Spike, or Spinner and Emma (minus the lack of natural build-up and contrived circumstances).

I just hope the writers don’t waste the marvelous work they’ve done in making these two so convincingly right for each other in normal progression. I’ve had far too many ships let me down, here’s hoping this will be the one to justly end on a bright note.


cool indie music 4 the kidz // listen


by morag myerscough



Ezra Koenig’s jacket recreated by MadeByLaney on Etsy.

They Came to Boston
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
More Noise & Other Disturbances
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They Came to Boston - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Tourists are back in the Hub and this is all I can think of when pushing my way through the crowds that annoy me.

Replace tourists with St. Patty’s parade hoppers and we’re on to something. I ♥ this song.

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"You deserve a guy who makes you feel good, a guy who shows up."

"Like you?"

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